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Choose your best fit.

By becoming a member, you unlock limitless access to our diverse offerings, from high-energy indoor cycling classes to customized personal training and renowned Gracie-inspired Jiujitsu classes.


Our membership is more than just a gym pass; it's an invitation to join a supportive community committed to health, strength, and personal growth.


So, are you ready to step into a better you? Explore our membership options and start your journey to peak fitness today!


With this comprehensive plan, you get unrestricted 24/7 access to our world-class strength and cardio areas, allowing you to train on your schedule, be it an early morning, lunchtime workout, or late-night training session.


No need to juggle your work, family, and fitness commitments, as the Fitness Plan accommodates all lifestyles and schedules.


Fit Jitsu

Selecting the "Fit Jitsu" plan is a comprehensive decision that combines physical fitness and martial arts, enriching your health journey both physically and mentally. The Fit Jitsu plan merges the benefits of our traditional "Fitness Plan" with the discipline and technique training of our "Jiu Jitsu for Adults" program.


This plan not only provides 24/7 access to our fully equipped cardio and strength training areas, but also grants you entry into jiu jitsu classes led by experienced instructors.


Jiu Jitsu
For Adults

Opting for our "Jiu Jitsu for Adults" plan is more than just a commitment to fitness—it's an opportunity to participate in the rich legacy of the Gracie family, pioneers and champions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Immerse yourself in a lineage of champions, and become part of a global community committed to personal growth, self-defense, and physical fitness with our Jiu Jitsu for Adults plan.

kids jiu copy.jpg

Jiu Jitsu
For Kids

Rooted in the Gracie family legacy, our program is about more than teaching martial arts techniques. It's about instilling a sense of discipline, confidence, respect, and perseverance that will help them navigate all aspects of life. Instructors trained in the Gracie tradition provide not only world-class jiu jitsu instruction but also mentorship that emphasizes character development.

Have your child learn important life skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and emotional resilience, as they negotiate the challenges and victories of learning jiu jitsu.

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