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Personal TraininG

Your proven key to success

Our personal trainers use research-based techniques to help you, at any fitness level, overcome emotional and physical barriers preventing you from achieving your fitness goals.

Scientific Data

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researcher recently published an article "Influence of a Personal Trainer on Self-selected Loading During Resistance Exercise" concluding that supervised resistance training with a personal trainer was far more advantageous than without.

ACSM Health and Fitness Journal sites educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals as one of the top ranks in terms of efficacy, ranking way ahead of strength training, group training, yoga, exercise and weight loss, Smartphone exercise apps and circuit training.  Finding the right PT can transform your health and fitness efforts. 

As important as all this scientific research is, having the right fitness trainer relationship is also extremely important.  At Northborough Fitness, a family owned and operated gym, we offer personal training near you and strive to deliver a wonderful mix of personalities and expertise to partner with you towards your success. 

Personal trainer motivationg quote

-Lisa Bargstadt, personal trainer, Los Angeles


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