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Frequently Asked Questions

How have recent changes affected my membership?

Since the Pandemic we have experienced some changes. Our rates are now $35/month across the board. Why? This was the rate that allows us to maintain our operations whilst still following pandemic regulations. Though we do not have any enhanced package plans for guests or group classes, guests can workout for $10 a day and Personal Training sessions can be purchased for $70/hr, $40/30min, or slightly discounted rates for package deals of 2 or more sessions purchased at once. Email for more information on special pricing or to schedule with your Certified Personal Trainer!

I want to come back, but I'm not quite ready - what are my options?

We understand that these are unprecedented times and respect the decisions of each of our members to do what is best for themselves and their families. We are currently offering members the option of freezing their memberships for two months at a time. While a membership is placed on freeze, members will not be billed monthly membership fees. Should you find that you're not ready to return at the end of the two month period, give us a call or email us and we will figure out what makes the most sense for your membership at that time. To freeze your membership email us at:

When do you expect to reopen?

We are currently open for 24/7 badge access! Please join a membership by:

A) Emailing us at to get signed up

B) Selecting the "Get Started Page" and click "new member signup" on the bottom right of the sign in prompt, or

C) Visiting by selecting Get Started > Membership > Select "Click Here To Signup Now!"

I'm not quite ready for a full membership but have been considering it. What options do I have?

Please feel free to take advantage of our free week pass! Come by during our staffed ours (8am - 12pm Mon-Sat, and 4pm - 8pm Mon-Fri) and we will badge you in and give you free access for 1 week!

If you can't make it in at any of those times, please email us at and we will get you situated!

We also offer $10 day passes for any guests or anyone who no longer has a free 7 day pass. See you soon!

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