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Fitness Consultaion


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4 Simple Steps to get you Started

  • Assess your current physical condition

  • Identify your goals, both short and long term

  • Develop a plan and identify 

  • Provide specialized programming tailored to meet your goals!

Assess Fitness Level

The first step in getting fit is knowing where to start.

We all have unique strengths and individual challenges. Our certified trainers will help identify these attributes, and get a clear understanding of where your starting point is.

Identify Goals

Goals will make your workouts more productive and rewarding.

A goal should be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound. This could be as small as being able to walk for 30 minutes straight or as complex as training for a triathlon. The goal is the “what”. Clarifying this at the onset produces greater results in the long run. Short and long term goal development ensures that we hit smaller milestones that all add up to reaching your long term goal(s)!

Develop Plan

Here we gather what we have to work with.

Crazy work schedule? Injured knee? Ex-Athlete? Hate cardio but want to run a 5k? Situations are as varied as the individual. Knowing what we’re working with will round out the information gathering part of the assessment.



Putting it all together.

Now we take everything discussed and make some recommendations. From your first workout on, you will be more productive and effective at reaching your fitness goals.

Call or visit to schedule your free Fitness Consultation.

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