Facility Update: Return to 24hr, Cleaning Update and Class Changes

CHANGES TO SCHEDULE: 24/7 HOURS Effective Wed, July 22nd

  • Because of the high level of cleaning and proper following of protocol that our members and guests have shown, NBF has decided it is best to rework our staff secondary cleaning strategy so that we are able to fully reopen as the 24/7 gym that we are. By doing so, we hope to accommodate those members who attend the facility during the quiet hours in the middle of the days and evenings. Upon our return to 24-hour member access, we will no longer use cones to mark equipment after use. Rather, in addition to the high standard of cleaning that we’ve continued to uphold, we will be implementing disinfectant fogging on a regular basis.

  • For the health and safety of the NBF community and their extended family, friends and coworkers we ask that If you feel sick or display any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 you skip the gym! Members, guests and employees SHOULD NOT come into the facility with any known signs or symptoms.

  • We ask that all members use key cards for access so that we are able to keep a database of individuals who has been in the facility on any given day and at any given time. This ensures that we will be able to conduct contact tracing in the case that an individual within our facility tests positive for COVID-19. We will also monitor attendance numbers through this method to ensure that we do not reach our capacity limit.

  • If possible, please stop by during staffed hours for your initial visit back so that we can properly explain the protocol to you. If you are unable to stop by during staffed hours, we’ve included instructions for first-time visitors below. These instructions can also be found in the front entrance and inside the facility on the front table.

New Staffed Hours (Start 7/23/2020)

Mon - Fri: 8am - 12pm and 5pm-8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 12pm

CHANGES TO CLASSES: Effective Wed, July 22nd

  • After monitoring classes for two weeks, NBF has decided to move classes indoor. Based on our weather permitting policy and the high temperatures that we’ve been experiencing, we feel as though this change is in the best interest of the health of instructors, members and guests. Because the classes will be held in our Group Exercise room, they will be limited to 5 attendees on a first come first serve basis. This number of participants allows for proper social distancing of 14 + ft between individuals to allow members, guests and instructors to remove masks during vigorous exercise if they so choose.

  • Spin will continue to be held upstairs with a limit of 6 participants/class. Boot Camp will continue to be held outdoors, weather permitting.

  • We have received questions in regard to the option of live streaming classes, which we are currently exploring. Our hope is to be able to offer this service to our members within the coming month. We believe the option of live streaming classes would be beneficial for those of our members who are unable to attend physically but still wish to stay connected to instructors, friends and other members of the NBF community.

We are placing trust in our members to honor the protocol during unsupervised hours of operation. If you are in the facility during unstaffed hours and notice that somebody is not following the protocol or have any concerns please email us at staff@northboroughfitness.com with a description so that we can manage the situation at hand.


  • We had proactively stopped all membership charges back in March during our temporary closure. After our reopening on July 13th, we allowed members the option of using their credit from March toward membership at the facility. Therefore, we did not bill upon our reopening. We will begin to bill members again on August 1st, 2020. If you would like to freeze or cancel your membership, please do so beforehand. In order to cancel a membership we require a 30-day cancellation notice and a final payment. To freeze or cancel your membership stop by the facility during staffed hours (M-F 8am-12pm / 5pm-8pm, Sat/Sun 8am-12pm), give us a call (508-466-8323), or email us: staff@northboroughfitness.com .

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