4. NBF Safety Regulations for Cardio, Strength, and General Fitness Areas: Expected July 6th

A Note to Members:

After almost two weeks of operating with staffed hours only, Northborough Fitness will reopen for 24/7 access beginning Wednesday, July 22nd after 8pm. Beginning Thursday, July 23rd, staffed hours will be as follows: Mon-Fri 8am-12pm and 5pm-8pm, Sat/Sun 8am-12pm. For those members choose not to return immediately, we are offering the option of freezing your membership for two months at a time as opposed to cancelling altogether. Masks will be required and may only be removed to exercise when members/guests are 14+ ft. away from other members/guests.

A limited class scheduled was released on July 8th, with primarily outdoor classes. However, based on the consistently high temperatures we have been experiencing, NBF has decided to move all classes indoors starting Wednesday, July 22nd. All classes will be limited to 5 participants and 1 instructor in order to allow 14ft of social distancing. Members may remove their masks during vigorous exercise. We welcome members and instructors to open the windows in the classroom for additional flow of fresh air. Classes will require reservation beforehand through our booking website and reservations may be made up to 48 hours in advance of the beginning of the class. Indoor classes will be limited to 5 participants and 1 instructor, spin classes will be limited to 6 participants and 1 instructor, and boxing will be limited to 8 participants per class and 1 instructor. Please refer to our website for additional guidelines and our class protocol.

Our capacity within the facility is 32 people at a given time, including staff members. Based on our attendance history, we will be able to accommodate all members particularly if some of them adjust their schedules to less busy times. Everyone entering the gym must scan their key card so we have a record of all individuals in the gym at a given time. This ensures that in the case that someone tests positive for the virus we have the information to undergo contact tracing.

In order for all of our equipment to be available to everyone, we will not block the use of any of it. However, we want everyone to be safe and minimize the risk of the potential spread of any virus so we have marked off 6 ft. and 14 ft. distances so that members can easily judge how close you are to another member working out. We ask all members to take the responsibly to keep at least 6 ft. between you and another member working out if you are wearing masks and 14 ft. if not wearing masks. NBF personnel reserve the right to consult with guests inside who do not abide by these guidelines.

There will be no use of showers or lockers at this time.

Please bring your own mask, gloves, mats, water bottles, etc.

PLEASE WIPE DOWN ALL TOUCHED SURFACES BEFORE AND AFTER USE.  After using and cleaning equipment such as dumbbells, barbells or kettle bells in the weight area, we ask that members and guests leave equipment on the floor so that staff know which equipment needs secondary disinfecting. We will no longer be using the cone method for secondary cleaning. Moving forward, we ask that members return equipment back where they got it after conducting a thorough cleaning.

We plan to bill all members on August 1st when we officially open the gym to all members. We will continue to bill at your current rate. Any members who have paid in full for memberships will be credited time due to our closure.

During these unprecedented times and as we move toward “new normal”, we will try our best to offer everyone the positive experience you have enjoyed in the past. If there are protocols or things that we need to adjust we are prepared to do so. Please let us know of any concerns or issues that arise. You can call us at (508) 466-8323 or email us staff@northboroughfitness.com at all times and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.


We ask all members – PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE GYM IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL OR YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE THAT HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR THE VIRUS! We will require all members to sign a waiver before initial participation or use of equipment. This waiver will be available online also and we encourage members to print, sign and complete the form at home prior to their first visit back to the facility.

We will continue to post updates through our Facebook page, website, and E-mail in the coming days.


We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Northborough Fitness Staff

General Fitness Protocol

  • In order to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others all staff, members, and guests should wear a face covering, or face mask, that covers the nose and mouth when entering the facility. Guests and employees should maintain social distancing of 6ft from other individuals at all times. Face masks may be taken off in the cardio and strength area ONLY when guests are on designated equipment and at least 14 feet away from other patrons. Face masks should be put back on in between use of equipment or when walking around the facility.

  • Staff and guests should not touch their eyes, nose, mouth or face or adjust their face mask without first sanitizing or washing their hands with soap and water. After touching or adjusting mask, hands must be sanitized.

  • Each member will be provided a sanitized spray bottle with disinfectant upon entering the facility. Members should carry this spray bottle with them wherever they go, wiping down ALL pieces of equipment before and after each use. After using the spray bottle, guests should wipe down the spray bottle. Employees will wipe down spray bottles additionally before and after each use.

  • Gym wipes, provided at dispensers in the cardio area, may also be used to wipe down equipment before and after use but should never be used on guests’ face, hands or body as they contain strong chemicals.

  • Members should practice social distancing of 6 feet AT ALL TIMES, including when using strength, cardio or other equipment in the facility. Every other piece of cardio equipment will be blocked off in order to ensure that members and guests follow such guidelines.

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