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Small Group Training Sessions - $10 Drop In

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 5:30 or 6:45am

Feeling unmotivated to exercise? Looking to add muscle or tone for summer or for that vacation your have planned? Or maybe you just don't know which exercises to do on your own...


Our full body, small group training program is designed to burn fat and improve 1) Strength, 2) Endurance, 3) Agility, and 4) Focus. With group instructions, personalized attention, and individual guidance, our Boot Camp program is great for all skill levels.


*We welcome members and nonmembers to try your first class for free before signing up for the full session!

Email us below to get signed up for a specific class, or feel free to drop in and we will get you situated!

Meet the Instructor


AFFA certified with a variety of certifications in the fitness industry including Basic Training/Boot Camp, Core Strength, Circuit Training, PIYO, CrossFit and so much more!


“I have been taking Tracy's boot camp class, three mornings a week, for almost a year and I absolutely love it! I have taken many fitness classes over the years and this class is a favorite.

I never thought I would be one to get up and go to a 5:30AM class, as I had always worked out at night... The problem was I found myself making excuses to not go to the gym after work, I was tired and not motivated and I found my fitness dropping off... I was not sure what to expect... It turned out to be exactly what I needed. Tracy welcomed me, the other members in the class welcomed me and there is no worry with boredom, so far not one class has been exactly the same. Everyone in the class goes for different reasons and Tracy makes sure that people get the workout they are looking for. Did I stay awake at work?... YES... I actually have more energy! I would highly recommend this class"


"I love the 5:30-6:30 boot camp class offered at Northborough Fitness. Tracy is amazing, she is an engaged and knowledgeable trainer who always strives to mix things up and bring a different and challenging workout for every class. Tracy is a true professional who clearly puts significant time into preparation and workout design. The timing is great to get a workout in before your day starts and still get to work early. The workouts are adjusted for any fitness level from beginner to expert and options are always offered as needed. It's worth a try- you won't be disappointed!


"A friend of mine asked me to join. I hadn't done any organized exercise in years. There are a variety of different physically abled people in the class and Tracy accounts for that. It's early, but a good time with my work schedule. I missed a number of weeks... all I kept think is- I want to get back to class. Tracy is motivating, funny and keeps it interesting with a variety of workouts."


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